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Are you ready to pursue an adventurous rewarding new career as a lash artist?
Well I have great news and an amazing opportunity for you! We offer a 2, 3, and 4 day lash trainings that are going to teach what you need to know to be a lash artist. You will receive an additional FREE REFRESHER DAY where you will be able to lash a client with assistance at the Simply Neish Beauty location. You will receive a 6 month mentorship to help you in some of the most vital months in your New Lash Career. Our eyelash extension course offers you hands on training for your lash sets leaving you feeling confident to lashing like a boss! 


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Join Us In The Next High Quality Beginner Friendly Lash Class offered here at Simply Neish Beauty! In our Training we will touch bases on a lot of different valuable information. Be prepared to learn in a fun environment.

We will 
learning about:
-Lash theory 
-Lash Extensions Myths
- Business and Marketing tips
-Tips on how to scale your business
-How to create feed for the audience you want to attract
-Social Media Page Formatting & Consistency

 -Techniques of lashing
- Isolating the lashes
-How to Customize Sets for your Clients Eye Shapes
- Applying a classic lashes
-Creating handmade lash fans

- Different Eye Shapes
-Creating lash Spikes
- Creating a wispy set

-How to style your lash sets
-Lash removals
-Lash baths
-Client Retention
-Station Set Up
-Photo Editing

-Lash Supplies Recommendation List
-Safety & Sanitation

Kit Included will Consist of:
Training Manual
Pair of Lash Tweezers 
Lash Glue 
Lash Spoolies
Eye Pads
Lash Remover
Lash Cleanser
Disposable Lip Brushes
Eye Safe Tape
Lash Primer
Crystal Lash Tile
4 Lash Trays
Glue Rings
Mannequin Head w/ Removable Eyelids
Practice Lashes 
Lash Fan
Lash Mirror

You will learn so much in Simply Neish Beauty lash training as well as beneficial tips & tricks to make lashing easier for you. Are you ready to commit? Book you class today!

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Class Information

Instructor: Neisha

Location: The classes will be held at the studio in Riverside, CA.

Class Time: 10 am-5pm/Lunch Break 1 hours
Refresher Day, hours will vary

What to Bring: Feel free to bring snacks for break time. Snacks will also be provided by us.

Virtual Training: Will be done Via Zoom or FaceTime



Payment Plans

Need financial assistance? We have a payment plan for you! Our third party Klarna or Vagaro Pay will provide you with a plan just for you. We also accept PayPal Credit! If you decide that paying out of pocket is best for you, a deposit is due upon booking. The remaining of your payment must be paid before or on the first day of class.

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Private 1 on 1 Training Request
Classic 3 Days: $1800
Classic, Hybrid, & Volume

Please Note if you need a Virtual Training.

Thanks for submitting!

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