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Return and refund policy 

All of our services are final sale meaning you are not able to get a refund or money back after being charged. We have no control of personal reactions (if not informed/ allergies have been provided) you may have and are not responsible financially if you are not satisfied with service. Once you agree to book a service, you are also responsible for a non-refundable deposit. You are then obligated to pay the remainder of your payment for the service received.  Each service has its own unique charge. If you opt-in to purchasing a packed plan, you are not allowed to receive a refund or request for your bank to authorize it as an unauthorized charged because you no longer want the service (**all of our package deals have monthly/weekly recurring charges that you must agree to prior to booking). When accepting the terms for our pricing plans, you are agreeing to paying the full amount for the monthly/weekly payments. If you decide you no long want to receive services for your plan, you must email for cancellation of  your service plan. If you do not contact Simply Neish Beauty for a cancellation, you will still be due for the remainder of your payments. As for lash classes, you are required to pay the full amount. We are not liable or responsible for licensing and business that you do after taking the lash class. The certificate of completion is given after full payment is received and the class is complete. 

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